Monday, November 11, 2013

Rob Sigg has over 25 years of advertisements, marketing and television media experience. Currently the President of Performance One Media, he leads his team of media experts to consistently find new and innovative systems of driving new company while maintaining unprecedented standards to reinforce replies for existing clients.
Through high level strategic relationships, Performance One is able to procure media at below market value rates which supplies our customers with highly efficient media opportunities. Our procurement strategy includes; longterm media commitments, time banking, trade deals and strategic partnerships. we have assets and influence unmatched in the market. Our strategic partnerships include; networks, station groups, syndicators and content providers. We deliver local program, local cable, national cable, satellite and syndicated media opportunities

Recognizing recently created revenue opportunities by bringing video to consumers 'over-the-top', Performance One Media launched an dynamic CDN (Content Delivery Network) and an advertising delivery monetization engine in the second half of 2012. From way back its launch, Performance One Media has recognized successful consumer launches through state-of-the-art applications on Sony, LG and Samsung connected devices, Roku streaming video players, iOS and Android mobile devices, with other launches imminent.

Before establishing functionality One Media, Rob spent over 8 years with Turner Media Group, which he helped launch from its start. As President of Turner Media Group, Rob's natural performance-oriented fashion made for huge growth when he took them from a 3-man media agency to a 100 employee powerbroker within the media landscape. He pioneered and was instrumental in the development of Turner Media Group as the exclusive rep-company for a great many media sales through DISH Network. At its height, after bringing them all to a revenue growth of 250MILLIMETERS, Rob made his exit in 2004.

In the years prior to Turner Media Group, Rob used his true entrepreneurial spirit and his comprehension to recognize how 'all-the-bits-fit-together' to possess and run a handful of businesses within the real estate, building, spa and salon disciplines.